Realigning Talent

Career Transitions

During organization realignments insightful preparation and emotional sensitivity will minimize 'termination trauma' for all parties.

Our custom designed programs not only preclude adverse litigation, negative public and employee relations — they also effectively contain your company's severance costs.

As we tailor programs, we listen to your unique needs and objectives. We recommend options and solutions, including:

  • Pre-termination conferences to discuss legal, contractual, security, and severance considerations.
  • Notification Day assistance including notifier training and on-site crisis intervention.
  • Training sessions focusing on the individuals' self-esteem, personal profile and skills assessments, career aspirations, marketing and interview strategies, and family considerations.
For affected individuals, we extend every effort to minimize "termination trauma". We are sensitive to the need for professional, confidential, and personal assistance. We facilitate the transition from emotional responses to effective, goal-oriented behaviors.