Developing Talent
Executive Assessment/Coaching

Repair vs. Replace? A familiar question often posed regarding machinery, facilities, and furnishings. Yet when dealing with our human resources is often a “fit/no fit” analysis leading to termination.

Utilizing validated and reliable instrumentation, 360 degree reviews, and extensive personal coaching, many under-productive executives can increase effectiveness while enhancing their “fit” with the management team and subordinates.

The underlying principle of our training is that personal styles either facilitate or hinder all communication and problem solving. A clearer understanding of personal style and preferences leads to a clearer understanding of how to interact with and manage the styles and preferences of others.

Considering that the costs of replacing an executive have been estimated between two and four that person’s annual salary — our Assessment/Coaching Program can be your most cost-effective way to increase the emotional intelligence and effectiveness of your executives.


Understanding self and others, committing to clear communication, and being willing to manage conflicts are the core competencies of a highly functioning team.

Utilizing validated and reliable instrumentation, interactive simulations, and comprehensive video resources will enhance your team’s emotional intelligence and effectiveness.