Acquiring Talent
Executive Search

Today’s critical global business initiatives demand a level of talent not commonly found via internet or newspaper advertisements or through ‘network dependent’ recruiters. True talent must be searched for in competitors’ mines.

Our searches begin with Consultation, Strategy, and Research
  • We commence by consulting with the Human Resource Professional and Functional Manager to fully discuss the position specifications and candidate profile — including academic preparation, experience, and personal characteristics.
  • Based on this data we formulate a strategy which considers competitor or related industry sources, geography, and salary parameters.
  • The research phase utilizes our national databases, an extensive directory library, and our professional association contacts
The process continues with the Evaluation and Presentation phase:
  • We discreetly and confidentially evaluate all pre-qualified candidates regarding their abilities, motivations and personal considerations.
  • Personal style inventories are employed to provide objective data to your company on each finalist’s strengths and weaknesses, communication style, and conflict management styles.
  • We assemble and present the slate of candidates only when we are convinced the proper “fit” exists.
Concluding the Search/Commencing Employment:
  • Throughout the interview, selection, negotiation, and transition phases, we facilitate communication and decision making, recognizing the importance of our role as the client’s key representative.
  • During the executive’s first three months we provide immediate and ongoing counseling regarding proper conduct during the first 100 days. Learning, visioning, and coalition building strategies are discussed and facilitated.
If you have a mission-critical search to complete, call today for a no-cost consultation.